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Hobie 16 Racing

Why the Hobie 16?

There are more Hobie 16s in the world than any other catamaran with over 117,000 having been manufactured over the last 40 years.
Class Racing and not cheque book racing – thanks to Hobie’s strong one design rules allowing everyone accesses to the same potential. Class racing on a Hobie is fun and fair and a well sailed Hobie that is a few years old can be as competitive as a new boat in the right hands. This helps provide a cheap entry point for youth and families to get involved. to get involved.

Hobie people are the best people! Many of our keenest sailors have sailed their Hobies all over the world and whenever they visit a new country the first thing they do is seek out the local Hobie fleet. Hobie sailors are usually a fun, friendly and welcoming bunch who don’t mind sharing their racing and rigging tips with others in the interest of making a more active and competitive fleet.

We have a full calendar of Regattas from open class events, training weekends and Nationals Championships, we like to join the fleet in Jerseywhenever we can, as well as International Events like the Hobie Europeans and the Hobie Worlds ( usually held in beautiful locations around the world).

Join the growing fleet of Hobie 16s racing regularly in the UK, for more information or to get in touch call us on 01202 671661 or email


Meet the Team

This is the Hobie Class UK Committee, if you would like to join us get in touch.

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